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Our Story

Handley Global Group is a prominent platform that provides quality products and focuses on diversity brand ownership. It inspires communities to be innovative and to gain the power to create their own wealth.

Here at Handley Global Group we are committed to provide cost-effective products and services. We pride ourselves on efficiency and we are in service to our consumers as well as our communities.

“Don’t search for what you’re passionate about, serve others to make yourself passionate.”

Mission Statement

Here at Handley Global Group we are committed to provide cost-effective products and services. We pride ourselves on efficiency and are in service to our consumers and our communities.

Our Mission

Here’s a group of wonder women on a mission to improve the world around them through quality products and services. This brand is about creating innovative ways to enrich the relationship between business and consumer. It is customer-centric and focuses on providing world class customer service for all. They provide products and services to a variety of consumers from businesses and the government, to the education sector. Handley Global Group is a brand that is in touch with the consumer experience and makes every business transaction feel personal. It is a small business with a global feel.

Our Brand Offerings

This brand offers its consumers a vast option of goods and services, from clothing and home goods, to IT solutions and electronics. These products are cost effective, efficient, and are cost saving solutions that guarantees consumers peace of mind with every purchase. Handley Global Group ensures its customers that when they buy from its platform they are investing in small businesses. This brand honors the hard work it takes for small businesses to produce quality products worthy of its customers. Handley Global Group proudly represents reputable businesses that uphold their principles in keeping the customer first.

Our Team

Handley Global Group’s CEO and master mind is Jerricka Handley, a business professional with a heart for small businesses and community.

Her goal is to improve the way business is done by creating a brand that models innovation and customer satisfaction.

Jerricka whole heartedly believes in achieving the power to gain wealth so that she can give back to her community. She has experience in the public and private sector of business and what remains consistent is the need to honor the customer first and profits will follow. She is the reason Handley Global Group is more than just a business, it’s a brand with a heart.

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